Nepalese Catering for Private Parties, Corporate Events and Weddings in the Thames Valley and London

We are a team of retired Gurkhas and their families, who cook amazing curries and Nepalese specialities at all types of events


That’s a traditional Hindu greeting from us to you.

At The Happy Gurkha, we understand that providing great quality food for your wedding or event is one of the most important parts of the whole day, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We’re not just inspired by the Nepalese Gurkhas, they’re a part of our ethos, a part of our personality, and a part of our team! That’s right, real Gurkha’s will be at YOUR event serving you and your guests real, delicious, Nepalese curries alongside yummy homemade chutneys! 

Nepal is steeped in culture and intrigue; it’s the home of Mount Everest, it’s the birthplace of Buddha and it’s the homeland of the legendary Gurkhas. Now you can bring a part of this fascinating culture to your wedding or event, including their delicious cuisine!

What do we provide?

We create and serve personalised menus for corporate businesses and tailored events

We then start preparing our authentic Nepalese food and our real Gurkhas get ready to serve it dressed in national costume!

The Happy Gurkha is experienced with handling small and large events. There’s zero hassle for you or your guests and we’re great value for money. We take care of all your catering needs and requirements throughout the occasion.

We offer tasty chicken, lamb and goat dishes, as well as a yummy vegan option, so none of your friends or family gets left out.

“A delightful blend of Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan cultures, Nepal is a fascinating place with a cuisine full of complex and satisfying flavours that, due to the influence of Buddhist and Hindu traditions, appeal to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike”.

Our traditional Nepalese curries are bursting with spices but they’re not too hot.

Not everyone can handle the heat, and that’s why most of our curries are mild yet still full of flavour and full of character.

We also provide a selection of mouth-watering homemade chutneys and condiments to perfectly complement the meal, adding variety to every dish and giving those who CAN handle the heat the opportunity to prove it!

For all our street food options we only use bio-degradable bowls, reducing the carbon footprint of your event. We’re also organic, environmentally friendly, and where possible we’re locally sourced.

And yes, before you ask, we do cook the legendary Nepalese dumpling known as the Momo… and they’re delicious!

Time for something a bit different…

The standard options at English events have been exhausted. The same old hog roast, fish and chips or pizza van, even the menu options for wedding breakfasts have become pretty stale.

Your guests won’t bat an eyelid (or a taste bud) when they see the same old pizza van setting up, or recognise the same old menu sitting in front of them. When they see (and smell) The Happy Gurkha tent setting up though… now that’s a different story!

We’re not saying that people don’t enjoy all of the above, but they do forget about them, usually within days of the event. Unusual and cultural, yet still delicious options, like The Happy Gurkha, are now on-trend. Why? Because they are memorable. They give your guests a brand-new experience, one they will treasure and reminisce about for years to come.

Who are the Gurkhas?

The Gurkhas, from the ancient hills of Nepal, are known to be the most highly trained soldiers in the world. So impressive are their skills that the British Army decided to join forces with them 200 years ago and since then they have fought by our side through some of
our toughest battles for freedom, including both world wars.

Despite their world-renowned fearlessness, the Gurkhas are in fact incredibly gentle people. They will only ever fight for peace, love,
and loyalty, and they conduct every part of their lives with grace, dignity, and most of all, HAPPINESS.

It’s these qualities that all of us here at The Happy Gurkha live and work by. Meaning the catering at your event will not only run like clockwork, but it will also be conducted by a kind, charming and fascinatingly unique team.

We donate to The Gurkha Welfare Trust
46,000 Gurkhas have died fighting for the British Crown and thousands more have fought for our freedom and thankfully survived. Despite this, many of them are not entitled to a British Military Pension, meaning that they undeservingly live out their years in poverty. The Gurkha Welfare Trust provides these commendable veterans with a small pension and free medical care



Wedding Evening Food – If you have the
wedding breakfast covered you can still give your event The Happy Gurkha twist. We can turn up in the evening, set up our funky Nepal-themed tent, and serve filling, tasty, and easy-to-eat Nepalese street food that’ll keep your guests partying all evening!

Wedding Breakfast – If you want to save money and go for a more relaxed option, we can provide a serve-yourself set up. Or we can provide a more formal, plated service, waited by professionally trained, real Gurkhas!

Birthday Parties

In Nepal, it’s a tradition to smear the forehead of the birthday-haver with coloured yoghurt… this can be arranged! (And we can also supply wet wipes). 

Corporate Events

It’s always nice to inject a bit of culture into corporate events. The Happy Gurkha works well on its own or alongside other cuisines at larger events as an unexpected but popular option.

Military Events

Having enjoyed a 200 year-long relationship defined by extreme loyalty and mutual respect, the Gurkhas and the British Military are quite literally Brothers in Arms. There is simply no better fit for your military event than The Happy Gurkha.

Christmas Parties

It’s very snowy up on the top of Mount
Everest, and hopefully, our Gurkhas will bring some of the frosty Himalayan
weather with them to your magical winter event! If you want to add a refreshing twist to your Christmas party, then book The Happy Gurkha.  


We’re great at festivals, our colourful tent stands out from the crowd. Our Gurkhas intrigue the public, and our story invites friendly conversation, all of that on top the delicious food!


The Happy Gurkha always goes down well at charity events. Our compassionate ethos aligns perfectly with the kind-hearted nature of your guests.



Our prices can vary depending on the event, but we are always exceptionally good value.

Click here to see a sample menu at just £20 per head!


About Sam

My name is Sam, but my Gurkhas call me Sam’maya.

Many years ago, during my honeymoon, I visited Nepal for the very first time. We went trekking along the Annapurna Circuit, a sinuous (and somewhat arduous) route through the majestic Nepalese hills.

We wound our way through quaint hill-top villages, where the sweetest children would appear out of the fields, take us by the hand, and proudly show us around their humble homes.

We were in a distant land, immersed in communities that spoke a different tongue and lived a different life, yet we felt so at home. Their warm and welcoming nature towards two complete strangers was astonishing.

Our honeymoon was already a romantic celebration, but now there was a second love story, I had fallen in love with a new country and a new culture.

Many years later, I was at an event near my home town, when I noticed that all the car park marshalls were retired Gurkhas. At the end of a swelteringly hot day, I saw them all, about 20 of them, sitting around a steaming pot of curry, so I went over and had a chat, and that’s where our beautiful friendship began. 

As I listened to their fascinating stories and witnessed once again the genuinely friendly nature of the Nepalese people, I felt a nostalgic warmth come over me, and this, coupled with the exotic and vibrant flavours wafting through the air, inspired a vision. I decided I would introduce their beautiful culture, along with their mouth-watering cuisine, to as many people as I could.

That vision has now turned into a passion. After two years of doing The Happy Gurkha as a hobby, I went full-time, and I haven’t looked back since! I love working with my Gurkhas, who are so sweet, hard-working and inspiring. I love being a part of so many beautiful and fun events. And most of all, I really love Nepalese food, and I’m sure you will too!

So, why do my Gurkhas call me Sam’maya? Well in Hinduism ‘maya’ means, ‘the supernatural power wielded by gods’.

Make of that what you will…. but our food is pretty heavenly!

Sam, aka Sam’maya

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